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Emotional Oranges Tribute Women's Graphic T Shirt

Emotional Oranges Tribute Women's Graphic T Shirt

SKU: 2e19c2a7
PriceFrom $34.99

Ever heard of Emotional Oranges? If you havent, you are missing out. A male/female duo consisting of "A" and "V", they have released five albums, including The Juice Vol. I, II, III, and The Juicebox. They mix many genres of music together to create this pop, r&b, electronic sound. Here's some song suggestions to get you familiar: "Personal", "West Coast Love", "Hold You Back", "Lock It Up", "Be Somebody".

This shirt pays tribute to one of the most entertaining groups out right now. With their Emotional Oranges name on the front and "An Orange A Day Keeps The Emotions Away" on the back, this men's/women's shirt is stylish, comfy, and different. It is a relaxed fit, long lasting, and features high quality graphics.

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