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Dark Arts Apparel is a clothing brand and site that was started in 2021. We provide high quality pieces that make people engaged, laugh, curious, and relate. The site in general is a place where you can discover new things, shit you might not have knew, and interesting content/clothing. The brand and site are the brainchild of Mick Nash, a writer and creative who developed it over a period of two years before releasing the first pieces.

Along with our apparel and goods, this site features articles and perspective pieces from a wide range of writers, artists, & content creators who share their experiences and perspectives. ALL OPINIONS AND CONTENT POSTED OR EXPRESSED ON THIS SITE ARE THE OPINIONS OF THOSE INDIVIDUAL WRITERS, COMMENTATORS, OR PEOPLE AND NOT DARK ARTS APPAREL. We do not claim to be a clean cut brand and encourage people to keep an open mind. This site is NOT recommended for anybody under the age of 16 or closed minded souls.

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