Good To You since 2021

Good To You is a site that was started in hopes that it provides a space that makes people laugh, curious, engaged, relate, feel accepted, and gives them something that they can take away after visiting.

Have you ever heard people (maybe somebody's mom or dad or grandparent) say "I hope that he/she is good to you"? That's what we hope this site is to you in some way, simple as that. Somewhere that you can discover new things, new content, shit you did not know, laugh a little, and learn something.

So many of us cannot relate, be open, be our rawest selves, and be who we truly are because of society's taboos, pressures, and other factors. This blog aims to break down those walls, allow people to be themselves, and put their content, art, or writing on full display for others. By offering this space, hopefully people can relate, learn about themselves, learn about others, find humor in the best and worst life has to offer us, and break the taboos that society places upon certain subjects, art, and people who are attempting to be their true, authentic selves.

This site features blog posts from a wide range of writers, artists, and content creators who want to express who they are, how they feel, share their experiences, and their perspectives. There is a weekly confession line, where people are encouraged to reveal a confession about themselves. It can be funny, serious, raunchy, random, fucked up, and about whatever aspect of your life you would like to touch on. Refer to contact form to learn how to submit confessions, writing, art, or content.  ALL OPINIONS AND CONTENT POSTED OR EXPRESSED ON THIS SITE ARE THE OPINIONS OF THOSE INDIVIDUAL WRITERS, COMMENTATORS, OR PEOPLE AND NOT GOOD TO YOU. We do not claim to be a clean cut site and encourage people to keep an open mind. This site is NOT recommended for anybody under the age of 16.

Clothing line Dark Arts launching in early to mid 2023. When light is present, darkness is not far behind. Learn to embrace both.