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Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Gold teeth. His signature look is a ski mask with his name on it and an upside down cross on the forehead of it. Only 24-25 years old (nobody really knows exactly) and born in the mid 90’s, RMR has exploded seemingly out of nowhere. He’s the guy who is around and whispered about in industry circles. The guy who has a cult following but is famous enough to have rumors made up about him fucking around with older celebrities. By the way, his name, RMR, is pronounced “rumor”. Fame is new for him and the money is new for him too. He said in an interview with the Sun “I don’t come from money, so this is new money — first-generational wealth.” RMR is a fast-rising artist who sings and raps in a country trap style. He reminds me of Kevin Gates and that Southern sing-song flavor. Signed to Warner Bros Records, CMNTY Culture, and Pulse Recordings in a three-way partnership, he got the deal from a song that might sound familiar to you.

“Rascal” used a sample of a song made popular by Rascal Flatts: “Bless The Broken Road” and begins by sampling another song of theirs: “These Days”. He croons over a piano cover of the song. This song blew the hell up. He got his deal and was even compared to Lil Nas X. He’s more than that though. He’s raw, gritty, and mysterious. The video for “Rascal” shows RMR and others holding AK’s and wearing ski masks, which is hilarious when you think of the tone of the song. It gives off NWA “Fuck The Police” and that’s the fucking point. It’s not supposed to fit in one box or another. It is not supposed to represent one thing. RMR does not either, which makes him even more mysterious than not knowing what he looks like. He dropped a remix of this song with an artist who, somehow, blows him out of the water when it comes to out of the box artists: Young Thug. The remix is fire and just adds to how dope the original is. The song has over 2 million views and counting on Youtube as of this posting.

Here it is…enjoy:

RMR did not just drop one fire song though. He has a whole EP full of good music called Drug Dealing Is a Lost Art. “Dealer” is the best track of the bunch. Hands down, the hardest hitting song. Play that shit in your car and it will hit. You might even replay it 10 times in a row or more if you like it just as much as I did when I first heard it. It gives you a range of feelings, ones that can be nostalgic, bluesy, upbeat, or motivational depending on how it hits you. The crooning on “Dealer” gives off more of Trey Songz than Keith Urban and that voice hits you as soon as you hear it. The video for it is just as wacky as you would expect… or not expect. At the beginning of the video, his familiar ski masked face hits the sand and passes out. Then, the lean inspired behavior kicks in. Meanwhile, throughout the video, a mysterious girl digs a hole with RMR in it and covers it up as the video progresses. It is ridiculous, one big wtf at times, but ends with a cold reality too. An artist with a weird, random style that works and does not come off corny? I’m here for it. The whole EP is worth a listen but standout songs are: “Dealer”, “I’m Not Over You”, and “Noveau Riche” along with the intro track, a song with Westside Gunn “Welfare”. As many already know, Westside Gunn does not disappoint. Just listen to any Hitler Wears Hermes tape or any song he has blessed with a guest verse in 2021. Him and RMR bounce off each other on this one. RMR holds his own on every solo song on this project (“Dealer”, “I’m Not Over You”, “Best Friend”, “Silence”, and “Noveau Riche”). He also added Future and Lil Baby to a remix of “Dealer” and both do not disappoint. They laced the song with their own lean inspired bars and solid verses overall.

Here’s a link to “Dealer” the original and remix:


Along with releasing that EP, RMR drops regular videos on Youtube. Short videos with leading titles and interesting themes, they just add to the depth of the artist. He dropped a song with a video, “That Was Therapeutic”, that has him pouring out his feelings to none other than Amber Rose. You have got to appreciate the concepts, the creativity, and the thought put into each song even if you do not like the music. But, the music is pretty damn good. You cannot put this guy into a box. He does a little bit of everything and is worth checking out.

Recent releases that are worth listening to: “Vibes” (feat. Tyla Yaweh), “Her Honeymoon”, and “The Wishing Hour” (a rework of Matchbox Twenty’s “3AM”).

Guest Verses worth listening to: Shy Glizzy “White Lie” feat. RMR

RMR of Love featuring Ray J and Lexi Panterra:

Go listen to RMR and his music on Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, all major streaming services, and Youtube.

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