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Alex In... Drops New Single "Florida"

Have you heard of Alex In…? He is a singer and guitarist who is originally from Farmington, Maine but currently resides in the Pittsburgh, Pa area. Alex In… is a talented artist who is a mix of hip hop, r&b and pop depending on which of his songs you stumble upon. While many artists are focused on output, he focuses on quality over quantity and it shows through the music he has released thus far. His output includes songs (and visuals) like his solo debut “Violet”, a laidback song that reflects on a lost love, the emotions that come with that, and trying to move on. The visual hammers these themes home and resonates with anyone who has experienced heartbreak themselves. Or there’s “Wonderland”, a song that evokes feelings of the honeymoon stage of love and will get stuck in your head after a couple of listens. Not one to shy away from collaboration, his first release of 2022 was a collab with Carli Monai, “Want You To Know”. The song is one where he floats on bouncy production and Carli Monai blends her vocals well with his. With his variation in style, honesty in his lyrics, and emotion filled music, Alex In… is carving out his own lane in the music world.

With his newest single “Florida”, he builds on the momentum of his previous releases with a catchy, guitar driven song that touches on not knowing where you stand with somebody you are vibing with. For something that is relatable but not easy to talk about, Alex In… provides insight and paints a picture for the listener while making a fun song with an infectious hook. The guitar compliments his vocals well and is a steady presence throughout. What starts out as slow but smooth, the energy of the song picks up as the hook and drums come in. While this song is different than other tracks he has dropped, he sounds comfortable and confident over this production, and it shows. We had the chance to talk to Alex In… about “Florida” and how he feels about his latest release. He broke it down on how this song came together and more:

Mick: Alex in..., tell us about this latest single you recently released “Florida”.

Alex: “Florida” is my newest joint, probably the furthest into straight “pop” I’ve ventured, but I’m happy with it. It’s a collaboration with a super talented young producer from New York, Owen Pieper, and a super talented voice over artist, Molly O’Blivion. It just came together so well.

Mick: How are you feeling about this song? What impact do you want it to have on the listeners and people who come across it?

Alex: I’m really proud of how it turned out, and I think it really fits the vibe I have of, you know, making emotional, not-always-happy music that is still upbeat and a jam. Shit can be emotional and real without being depressing and sad to listen to. I love making music that moves people but is still something you can bump on your commute or at your kickback, and this song is an example of that.

Mick: In previous conversations, you talked about how you think this song could change your career. Why do you feel like that?

Alex: I just think the direction we took with this one is a lot different than anything we’ve done before, for the better. I always try to incorporate many elements and styles into my music, but this is the first full-on pop record I’ve done, and it came out great.

Mick: What are your plans for rolling out this song to the listeners and masses? Will there be a visual for it?

Alex: Working on the visual side. Planning on it, I should say. I’m really hoping to go big with this one, so I’m not rushing it. Song is out on all streaming platforms 8/12, and we’ll rock with it from then, deciding where we go next.

Mick: What are your future plans in terms of building on this release?

Alex: I can’t get too specific or in depth with future plans, but what I can say, is tap in with me and stay tuned. There’s so many different avenues and ideas we’re floating around right now, seriously so many, y’all won’t want to miss it!

Go check out his newest single “Florida” and stay tuned for future releases/visuals from Alex In…

Alex In… Music and Social Media:

Twitter: @AlexIn____

Instagram: alexin.stagram

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