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Engaging in the Dark Arts?

After a year and a half, countless hours spent designing/collaborating, a ton of research, and a couple mental breakdowns along the way, Dark Arts Apparel is now available to purchase here!!

I'll keep this shit short and sweet. There's a bunch of cool designs for you, your degenerate friends, your crazy ex, and even the furriest of your friends. The clothing and other stuff that we drop is made of high quality materials and made to last. The cherry on top is you don't pay for shipping, no matter how much you spend. Fuck shipping. Spend that money on other shit. Thanks for supporting this site, being apart of something that is bigger than we could have expected, and helping to make this site/brand what it is.

A couple things to note:

Look at our look book and pictures below to see how the clothing fits and the quality of the designs. Some of the stock photos do not do these pieces justice (looking at you white backgrounds that don't actually exist).

We keep our prices as low as possible because quality clothing is too damn expensive (looking at you, $60 shirts and $100 merch hoodies).

Did we mention free f*cking shipping?!

Put your email in at the bottom of any page on this site to receive exclusive promo codes, free shit, and a wide range of content.

Official Dark Arts Apparel Store:

Big Cartel Store (best sellers/rare shit/XXX shit):

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