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Freaky Tales

When you have a confession line, you get a lot of confessions that are a little too long. Sometimes, the longer ones are a rambling mess. A whole bunch of nothing. But more times than not, they are some of the funniest, wildest, most enjoyable ones to read. Add in sex and it makes it even better (you know it's true!!). Who doesn't love a freaky tale? Here's a few that didn't make the confession line but deserve to be heard:

So basically, it was after we came back from a night out. We had hit a few house parties. My bf was wasted and literally passed out drunk on the couch right when we got back. I was horny as fuck and my bf's friend was supposed to stay the night but he was supposed to be the one to sleep on the couch. We only had one other place to sleep and that was the bed in my bf's room. So we went in there and laid down.

Honestly we were both so horny, the moment we started cuddling with the lightest touch, we instantly dove into each other. He tore my clothes off and just shoved his cock into me.

I literally yelled "Fuck ur huge" but my bf was so drunk he didn’t wake up. He pounded me and whispered that he always wanted to fuck me and he knows my bf doesn’t have a big cock like him.

I moaned back how hot it was that he was fucking me right next door to my bf. He ended up cumming all over my face and a bunch got on my bf's pillows... oops ahaha

Editor's Note: Yeah, this was a fantasy that both of them wanted to fulfill for a long time. Who knew the blacked out bf would be the unintentional wingman that night?

Me and my girl went to a movie one night together and sat at the back of the theater. I did tease her a little, after all it's nice and dark, and loud, so I teased her pussy a little bit during the film.

After, we went with some friends to get a drink and hang out. We were both still turned on and shamelessly sexted with each other at the table. I told her how much I wished I could bend her over this table and fuck her, she was saying how much she needs to be fucked right now. Both obviously distracted and a bit worked up, we made our excuses and left.

Unable to even make it back home, we popped into an alley behind a random pub and I quickly pressed her against the wall, kissing her passionately as my hand slipped down and teased her dripping pussy. It didn't take long to lift up her leg, slide her underwear to the side, and slide myself in, fucking her against the wall. My hand moved up to cover her mouth, our eyes locked as I fucked her, utterly oblivious to what was going on around us.

Anyone could have walked down there and caught us going at it, and it was such a turn on. Just as we both are cumming, a car horn sounded which made us both jump out of our skin, with my cock out and covered in her juices. It was a great time. Once we got home we both wanted more. Needless to say, it was a good night.

Editor's Note: You freaky fucks couldn't even make it home! These two are into agoraphilia and they don't even know it.

A couple of weeks ago I was feeling bored with some friends. We thought it would be fun to download Tinder and chat with some guys for fun. We ended up using my pictures since it was my phone.

While at it we found our old gym teacher (he’s 43 now). And I secretly swiped him right. We did laugh and joke about it, but I remember I used to have a crush on him when he used to teach me.

We matched a few days later. Ever since then, we have moved to a few phone calls and sexting. After weeks of talking, we finally agreed on meeting. His wife will be out of town for a week, and I’m planning to stay with him at his place for the weekend.

With his pics and promises of a fun weekend, I’ve been horny all week and honestly cannot wait to have sex with him. I know this will be a very fun and pleasant weekend.

Editor's Note: This has been a long time cumming, hasn't it?

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