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Freaky Tales Pt. 4

"These are the tales, the freaky tales, These are the tales that I tell so well"- Too Short. The new year has given us no shortage of new submissions and confessions landing in our inbox. Here's some of the more fucked up ones that we think the world should hear.

We've been playing with my friend. We have a pretty long history together. My wife is off birth control and we've decided to start trying to get pregnant.

The plan was that she'd just suck his cock. But, right after he ate her and made her orgasm, it just felt so natural for him to slide up in her.

I know I should have said something, but it was so hot watching him pump her pussy with cum. We all said nothing after he came and he got dressed then left.

Editor's Note: So, you watched and didn't say or do anything? Sounds like you are more than ready to welcome a stepchild into the world. Can't believe you all said nothing... what a shitty ending!

At Coachella, an ex who was my boyfriend at the time went to go pee. While I waited for him, a girl comes up to me and says I’m the most beautiful girl she’s ever seen. I thanked her and turned all red. More of her friends came over and were complimenting me as well. They invited me to their tent to get drinks and I said yes then ditched my boyfriend since he was still in the bathroom. We took a shot and since I already took X, I was horny and feeling good. The girl that first approached me starts touching me and I was tingling EVERYWHERE. We start making out and two guys join and make out with each other. One of the guys starts fucking the other one in his mouth and the girl pulls my panties down and starts eating me. It was fucking hot. We were there for what felt like hours. After we finished, I partied the night away with them. My ex then became my ex and the rest is history 😋

Editor's Note: Your ex is desperately looking for you and you are getting fucked by some random girl you just met. That's some cold shit right there playa.

I love having my bf's cock in my ass. Makes me so happy, especially the build up and foreplay before because he gets so excited. Feeling his cock thrusting in my ass and pulse as he cums is a feeling I can't even describe. I always run to the bathroom after and fart out his cum and sometimes he watches.

Editor's Note: Wonder how this one started: "WaNnA sEe Me fArT oUt YoUr CuM bAbE?". That's some strange shit. Sounds like it would be a wet and warm one though.

I’m just venting at this point. I ( F28) had an abortion on Feb. 1st so two months ago. I got my first period this past week which made me really happy. My bf (M28) would prefer to have sex everyday but I’m not ready to have sex because I still feel weird about my body and our sex life after the abortion.

My bf even made a comment about my lack of wetness …I assumed he was joking but I can’t deny that I’m sensitive about my body lately. Last night he came into our bedroom trying to initiate sex and I turned him down. He went back into the living room. Like I said the procedure was only two months ago so I don’t feel comfortable fucking like a rabbit right now. Especially since we don’t always use protection. But even more than that, I feel like he’s not giving me enough support and space to fully reconcile our decision to end a pregnancy. I don’t understand how he can be so anxious to start fucking again after what just happened.

He's unemployed at the moment so I don’t feel 100% comfortable having sex because only one of us can afford a Plan B …idk , am I being a bad gf for not wanting to have sex all the time right now ? I’ve opened the door to try new sexual acts like we do more oral , pearl necklace, along with titty fucking . I feel like I’m trying but I’m somehow still letting him down .

Editor's Note: Your unemployed boyfriend can go fuck himself. You aren't being a bad gf, he's being a piece of shit, selfish partner. You are trying new things to keep him happy and please him all the while you are feeling empty and not getting the support you need from him. You deserve so much more from your partner.

Two freaky fucks. Click on the picture or here if you want to purchase this design on a shirt.

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