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Fuck Me Im (Locally, Semi) Famous

You know that guy. Might have been the kid who sold pills or weed, smoked a ton of it, or drank a little bit before everyone else did in high school. Might have been the jock, football, or basketball star whose personal fuck ups and personal shit deterred him from actually becoming something, yet he can’t stop talking about that peak he hit in high school. He talks about it like it was yesterday as he hits the local dive bar bathroom every 15-20 minutes for a bump of blow. Do you know somebody like this?

Might have been the guy who was known locally for something and tells every single person about it. As if not enough people barely remember or just don’t care, he can’t help himself but to keep bashing it into your skull about how he was the shit because of some word-of-mouth tale that too many people know about. Or maybe he went semi-viral for something, stroking his fragile ego. Or maybe just maybe, it’s that guy who hits the gym, goes out for drinks with the boys every weekend, and gets a lot of attention on social media for his selfies and gym pics…. from other guys who wish they could be like that and girls who can’t see past a gym bod to his tiny dick (in most cases).

Yes, those were all extreme examples. But we all know at least one guy like the ones mentioned above. We might fall for his bullshit. Usually, we just choose to deal with it for a little while. But at some point, we realize this guy is a fucking dickhead who can’t get past his own insecurities.

He uses his heyday, peak, tales from his past, or his manufactured good looks to get over his own insecurities, demons, and things he can’t face internally. Uses all of it to try to hide what is too easy to see. Fuck that guy.

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