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Good To You’s Favorite Confessions of 2021

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

A humorous (most of the time), popular piece of Good To You is the confession line. Inspired by Howard Stern’s 90’s/00’s confession line, this confession line can go in any direction depending on the week. There are some weeks when it gets serious, others that get raunchy, but many where the confessions are outright ridiculous and funny. We receive many confessions on a weekly basis. It makes you realize how many people have something to get off their chest, something to say, or are full of shit. While I’m sure a lot of the confessions are things that people are holding in, some are bullshit. Maybe it’s the person who wants to say the wildest shit possible in hopes of getting it on the site. Or the guy/girl who got too high at 3am and thought of something outrageous enough that made it on. Congratulations, you fooled me fuckers. Anyways, we hope that most people who submit are getting something out of their system. Whether it is funny, crazy, serious, or whatever it is, we enjoy all the random submissions. Especially the ones at 3am. Here’s some of our favorite confessions of 2021 based on reader’s comments along with our favorites. Enjoy!!

Confession for the week of 10/18/21: “I am a caregiver for old people. If a man requests a sexual release and can medically handle it, I will help him out. I have done it for many probably 40-50 so far. they show great appreciation and keep it our secret. I'm sorry but these are older men who haven't had any attention sexually normally in years. I only give hand jobs even when they beg for other things. I will just give them the release they want to feel. If I don't think they can handle that medically, I have no problems refusing their request. I never offer it to anyone and they need to request it first. “- Nicole

Editor’s Note: This confession is wild. I used to be a caregiver and know of women out there that will “help” an older man out. It happens a lot more than you think. And most of them give a lot more than hand jobs. Is there some deep, unresolved shit going on inside? Are they that much of a freak? Do they have a thing for older men? Do they have some strange sympathy for these men? Who the hell knows? All I know is somewhere out there, some caregiver is probably giving that older man the release they “need”.

Confession for the week of 12/13/2021: It all looks okay on the outside because I've been doing EVERYTHING to keep not only this marriage afloat but the life we provide our daughter, her future & what last bit of hope there was of keeping our family together..

I have dissociative identity disorder. I am not coping well.

We tried therapy, you didn't like being told you're a pathological liar, acting selfishly & not validating or using empathy & that wasn't even for what's written above. That was all the other shit you did.

It has been 4.5 years.

I have noone. I provide the answers, I'm always in charge. Noone to turn to when I'm scared, when I don't know what to do or how to handle things.

I have no friends, no support, noone in my life but you,

our daughter & our dog.

I am tired.- Em

Editor’s Note: Wow… this shit was serious, wasn’t it? Do you feel bad for Em? She seems to be shouldering the load in all areas of her life, feels isolated, and is the one putting in all the effort. She feels like she has nothing and the things she does have, her marriage & family, have been falling apart for a while now. There are a lot of “Em’s” out there and one could be sleeping next to you every night…but hopefully not. Sucks to say but I’m sure a lot of people feel this way about their marriage, significant other, and relationship in general. There are always two sides to the story though, right?

Confession for the week of 11/15/2021: My husband asked for a divorce a couple months back. I was sad but not surprised. Now, I can finally make it official with the guy who I have been sleeping with & havin an affair with for 5 years now. And feel a little less guilty… - Misty

Editor’s Note: This one speaks for itself: Hilarious with some twist & turns. We all know someone who’s in a relationship that has ran its course. Plenty of us know someone who’s married but is fucking somebody who isn’t their spouse. I’ve seen women do a hell of a lot better job than men at sneaking around and getting away with it. This is my favorite confession because I have known many women who have done this and never got caught. A lot of people get married who should have never gotten married. We’ve all seen too many people stay married who should have left each other years ago. And the result of that, after many years of unhappiness, is usually one or both spouses fucking around on each other.

Our site receives a wide range of confessions. We get a little bit of everything. Check out our confession line and if you have something to say or are feeling risky, call/text 412-912-7276 or submit a confession to

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