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JoeJas Drops Latest Single “Sally’s Last Dance”

We talked to UK based artist JoeJas a few months back after he released his single “SUEDEFLIPS”. He gave us some insight into his creative process, his music, and the movement that he is building, Fat Llama. At the time, he was hosting a pop-up art show. In March, he performed in Mexico City on the same bill as Jesse Reyes and others for a show sponsored by Vans. In April, he dropped a new podcast on Fat Llama radio. In May, he dropped more merch and won a Reddit Grammy. Holy fuck, this guy is busy.

Still going full speed ahead with releasing music, JoeJas dropped a new single “Sally’s Last Dance” along with a music video on May 30th. Like most of his work, this song is self-produced, and the video is shot and edited by HairyMuffinMan (JoeJas). He describes the song as “being a self-produced, shot, and edited song which takes pieces of relationships I have had. All of that creates a story with me and 'Sally', who has been a recurring character in my albums since my debut with Sally (2016), Sally's Wheels (2018), Sally's Heartbreak Picnic (2020) & now Sally's Last Dance which is the finale of the ‘Sally’ series. This last one in the finale is about meeting someone at a party but a fight kicks off and you leave abruptly with only your contact given hoping they'll follow through.” The song is smooth and funky. The hook is infectious, and the higher-pitched vocals compliment the lower pitched bars well. Bars like “Jeans with the drawings, Now folks think I'm artsy” show that he does not take himself too seriously. Others like “Rare old schools, only seen in 02” are references most will appreciate. The video is entertaining, witty, and like most HairyMuffinMan produced vids, adds a whole other layer to the music. Throughout the video, him and his friends can be seen wearing Fat Llama merch among other things happening (there is a lot!!). You see, when it comes to JoeJas, the visual and production are just as important as the music. He seems to do all with ease, as evidenced in this latest release.

It is cool to see him weave his own relationships throughout the story of him and ‘Sally’ to create this ongoing saga. Sadly, it seems that with “Sally’s Last Dance” we have reached the end of this saga. “Sally’s Last Dance” is the end of one thing but a continuation of another. If you have followed JoeJas for long enough, you know that he has more in store. With cuts like this, they show his range, creativity, and why he is on the rise. Simply put, if you do not know who JoeJas is, get familiar fuckers! Check out his new single “Sally’s Last Dance” here.

Artist Bio:

JoeJas is a rapper and producer (when producing going under the alias "HairyMuffinMan".) JoeJas has been rapping since he was 11 and started production at 17 because the beats he was on did not showcase the full vision he had for his music. He had then put out his self-produced debut album ‘Planet’ in 2016 taking influences from Punk, Jazz, Hip-Hop & R&B and blending them all in one. This genre mashing will then become a defining point in JoeJas’ music.

All music videos have been shot and edited by JoeJas from 2017-present showing the wide array of skills capable. In 2016, he had started his own line of events under his brand ‘Fat Llama’ which put on a multitude of artists coming from different genres around London. This happened because JoeJas felt that there wasn’t anything for people considered weird and not to meet in the middle while finding new sounds they weren’t usually accustomed to. In 2020, JoeJas won the Vans Musician Wanted Competition with praise from Anderson Paak & J.I.D.

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