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Marc E Bassy Little Men Album Review

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Marc E. Bassy is a pop/soul hybrid whose music is the gift that keeps on giving. He is someone who you cannot put into a box and has never fallen short on delivering wide ranging but balanced projects (PMD and Gossip Columns). Little Men is no exception either. He teased us throughout 2021 with two and three packs of singles like “Atmosphere” or “Trouble” along with some guest features on other people’s songs. He dropped an appetizer to his new album called Bowie, which was a taste of what the full-length album Little Men would be. Little Men is one part electronic, one part pop, another part alternative, and a journey. Marc talks about the album process and his thinking behind the album by mentioning “Big Mind” and “Little Mind”, which are Buddhism/Zen concepts. To him, “Little Mind” is what “stirs you up and makes you write.” This concept of ego and “Little Mind” has been a theme throughout Bassy’s career. He has always been transparent about his experiences through his music. Little Men continues to tackle ego, love, and “Little Mind” head on.

Marc talks more about Little Men here:

This album has a similar but sonically different feel than the last albums. Touching on so many different genres, some songs are listed under genres like Alternative, alternative folk, alternative rap, dance, indie pop, R& soul. I would say Apple Music is not too far off (this time) in categorizing the project this way. While exploring different genres like house, folk, and dance, it still keeps that previously mentioned hybrid pop/R&B feel sprinkled with gospel. It does not touch on soul as heavily and is less of a hip hop feel than earlier albums. This is Marc exploring his horizons and growing as an artist. He has grown into his own and truly took the reins on this one. Something familiar to Bassy fans will be the always present female backing vocals sprinkled throughout. Always has been a welcomed addition to his projects. The backing vocals add a certain chemistry, connection, and feel to the music. They were one of the things that drew me into Marc’s orbit in the first place. From the start, this album touches on relationships, love, self-doubt, ups and downs, lost love, and passion. “Too Real” is an intro about relationships that ends with Bassy singing “Life went and got too real.” And the album begins. “Feel Different” is a synth, guitar, and bass driven song that is catchy and builds as he sings “Knowing all the ways that I tried to be, someone that would make you feel different.” That uneasiness and chaos leads into the bass filled, dreary, dark, mysterious “Trouble”. The video for this song drives home the dark feeling with a haunted mansion setting and gothic looks. The song keeps your head bopping throughout, is relatable, and brutally honest. Sonically, the bass and synths together are top tier production. Next is my personal favorite off the album: “Bowie”. “Bowie” makes you want to get up off your ass and dance. It makes you bounce, oozes house music influence, and is groovy as fuck. The vocally stacked hook of:

plays on the cat and mouse game of love. It talks about the twists and turns of chemistry and connection. This song is no doubt a hit in my mind. There are parts of this song where you can feel the vocals vibrate through your soul. I’m being dramatic but you get the point, right? A great fucking song. The highlight of the album. “Dying Breed” is that “day after a good night out” love song. It is raw and gives off feelings of adoration and love. “I like what you look like in the morning, after we were out the whole night” is a true expression of love. We all know how we look the morning after right? “Nothing in this World” is the ballad of the album and name of his upcoming 2022 tour. It starts off as slightly grungy and darker then breaks into it’s full ballad potential. “Free Like Me” is reflective in nature and about realizations. “You are the mirror, that’s the reflection I see. She wanna be free just like me” was the moment Marc realized they both wanted the same thing. “Dreaming” is airy, synthy, and another standout on this album. It touches on distrust, temptation, doubts, and not knowing how that other person truly feels at times. The hook is infectious, and he hits a high pitch with his voice at one point that is *chef’s kiss*. “No Perfect Time” ushers in a more up tempo feel to the last part of the album. “Closer” and “Click Track” touch on the craziness of the world while giving you a house party or campfire sing a long “who has the acoustic guitar?” vibe. Finishing off the album are “Tell Me Lies” and “Atmosphere”. Marc really showcases the harmonization between himself and the female vocalists on “Tell Me Lies”. The bass and harmonizing on this song compliment each other well. “Atmosphere” is a perfect outro of sorts. Bassy takes us out with lines like “The worlds on fire but we don’t care” over smooth, soothing production. He floats over the drums and instrumentation with ease. A good one for a car ride no doubt (Cue the line: “Nothing left for you to do sit back and ride”). Simply put, this album features a good mix of high energy songs and slower songs too. All in all, another cohesive, balanced project that experiments, takes risks, succeeds, and takes us on a ride.

Best track: “Bowie”

Video for “Bowie”:

Marc is a veteran in this industry. Overlooked at times? Yes. Underrated as hell? Yes, just ask most of the YouTube comments under his videos. He’s a light in this industry though. With a couple albums under his belt and a wide range of features throughout the years, he gets better with time. A cliché thing to say right? He is an artist who perfects his craft over time and draws you in with his voice. He blends genres and does it well. He is raw, has a pen game that not too many can keep up with, and gives the listeners a little bit of everything that rarely, if ever, leaves them disappointed. All his albums make you feel good and explore different themes throughout. His newest album, Little Men does all that, and more. It is vulnerable, bouncy, pulls from different influences, and takes you on a rollercoaster ride exploring the ups and downs of love the whole way through. This album digs deep and heavily experiments with the house, electronic, and indie worlds. All have been touched on lightly in earlier albums but Marc dives deep into those worlds on this album. Not to mention, it was released through his indie label New Gold Medal. In many ways, it feels like it is a new era for Marc E. Bassy. Check his album out, more of his content below, and give yourself a reason to become a Marc E. Bassy fan!!

Marc talks more about Little Men here:

Here is a behind the scenes look at the Marc E Bassy and his team’s creative process:

Favorite Marc E. Bassy album: PMD

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