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A Tale of Two

This is a short perspective of someone who lives with ADHD every day. Eddie was diagnosed later in life and went decades without answers to his behavior. He was not able to fully connect the dots until later in life. Many people walk around going through life dealing with shit and not understanding why it is happening. Here is a look into how somebody with ADHD thinks and how it affects their life.

People would never understand.

So today.. from waking up around 9am attempting many tasks only to be distracted may times head spinning in circles (no drugs or alcohol involved). Mainly the effects of the full moon... all day hithero.. grateful to have lived and will live again when and if I'm lucky to wake up and get a "bonus". New life and be a better person than today.. and the one thing I learned today was .. one just cant take a motorcycle license plate and relocate it to a vertical position.. one must "order" a vertical mount license plate or else its illegal..

I know you are thinking what the fuck is this guy talking about…

After suffering for over 45 years with undiagnosed mental health issues, in and out of prison, and making all the wrong choices there comes a time when one must stop and learn who one really is. Once finally diagnosed, it was ADHD. Once medicated, (non-narcotic), I started following everything natural and man-made to learn more about myself, my moods, and my decision making. After following the phases of the moon for a couple years it was not long before I noticed how the effects of full, new, and other phases of the moon affect my brain and body. I mean come on; our bodies are made of like 90% water. If the damn moon can control the earth's oceans among other things, it was not too hard to convince me that it affected my mind & body.

Long story short, I was finally diagnosed as an adult with ADHD, am now medicated, and can think before making a "final decision".

I wonder how my life would have turned out if I was diagnosed earlier.

People say no judgment zone here...that's funny.. I try not to judge myself ..


So many people have body issues. Why? Is it partially because it is so taboo to talk about It that we wallow in our issues and deal with them internally? Do we feel like we cannot talk to anyone about how we feel and what we are feeling? That could be part of it. Another part could be social media. That is a whole other article though. People deal with their issues in different ways. We all have our vices, right? Some of us drink. Some do drugs. Others work out. Good for them, that shit never worked out for me. The woman below, Valerie, chooses to cope & deal with her own insecurities and body issues by fucking. Yup. Hear her out though.

I am 48 and female. I have a lot of random sex because I have zero coping skills and I use it to deal with my mental and emotional problems. I have probably had sex with close to 500 people mostly men and some women thrown in there too. I first had sex when I was 24. My other coping skill is food but that is less interesting than sex.

How did it start? I grew up in a dysfunctional family and I still live in chaos. My mom was the worst. She made me feel horrible about myself. Besides, I never felt guys would be into me. I was quiet, and I have a bigger labia. My mom was the first one to tell me that. Later, a doctor confirmed it. Killed any self-esteem I had.

My mom pushed me into a relationship with an abusive pos. After I got out of that, fucking other guys helped me cope. In my stupid little mind, I thought “Gee, maybe I can find another man who could love me.” I did not know what love was. I still don’t.

I love to fuck but giving gets me off more. I love giving head and I am very good at it. I love seeing a man get weak. Most of the time, they find me. Most of the time, they come back. Even the women do. Sadly, last time I was with a woman was 2011. Usually, when I was with women, it was because the guy wanted it.

A fucked-up way to tackle my shyness, bigger labia, and low self-esteem. But it works for me.


For a place to start with your mental health, click here.

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