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Temporary Best Friends

Our lives are full of relationships. Ranging from life-long friendships to “the guy I buy cigarettes from at the corner store”, we all have these same types of shared connections. One type of relationship that I feel like the world could use more of is a term that I coined “temporary best friends”. The people you meet during a long, unexpected layover due to weather, or meet over a shared experience so strange or fucked up you instinctively lock eyes with this stranger as if to say “did that just happen?”. These are one of my favorite types of relationships.

Recently, I flew home to Detroit after visiting my family in Minneapolis for the holidays. It had been snowing all day, and by one in the morning when I arrived, there were no rides available. Me and about 150 other people were all desperately searching for a taxi, Uber, or any way out of this “Hell hath frozen over” scenario. With no clear path forward, I did what I do best. I wandered around the waiting area and made conversation with anybody I could. I spoke to students trying to entice their sleepy roommate to come pick them up. I spoke to families considering a hotel room for the night (if there was one available). I met a older, unphased woman, who clearly had been through it all because she didn't seem to pay any of this chaos any mind. Each conversation I had gave me this weird comfort and (potentially false) hope that guided me one step closer to a resolution. Eventually, about an hour into this madness, I caught a lucky break! The students trying to convince their sleepy roommate had won him over with promises of cash and a (very) early breakfast. They offered me a ride, I gratefully accepted, and off we went in this Corolla sized clown car, my thankful ass firmly planted between suitcases.

After saying goodbye to my newfound friends, thank you’s, and a few extra dollars, as I lay down for the night, I reflected on my journey. I realized I would likely have been in that airport until the morning if I hadn’t tried to make temporary friends and some kind of connection with anyone and everyone. I realized the unknown value present in every individual that shares a moment with me. Spark up a conversation and who knows what story you will be telling the next day.

Editor's Note: These random and temporary connections leave an impression on us sometimes, don't they? Even if it is a passing interaction, it can change the course of your day, journey, or whatever situation you are in. It's funny how that works. Sure, you can't connect and fuck with everybody you come across. But, when you feel that spark in a situation, you know. Embrace that shit, you never know where it will take you.

And now a guy who failed miserably trying to make a connection... (click the pic for more ridiculousness)

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