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The Original Catfish: Part 2

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

If you had a chance to read the first part of our interview with a catfish, you probably learned a few things (maybe more than you wanted to). He told us why he started catfishing, how he started on chat lines, how he uses fake profiles, and poses as a woman to reel these men in. It's interesting the motivations and reasons that cause people to do things like catfish. What's more interesting is the justifications people make for what they do. Some people would understand where he is coming from because they have gone through the same things that led him to do this or can relate to issues like a lack of self confidence. Others will look at him doing this and say that he is manipulative, rationalizing actions that cannot be justified, and say that he is all kinds of things (none of them being good). As you read part two, what do you think about him? How do you feel about what he has been through and what he is doing?

Mick: Have you ever slipped up and messaged somebody from the wrong profile?

Kelly: Oh, hell yeah it does happen from time to time.

Mick: Tell me how easy it is to reel a guy in?

Kelly: Well, it was 10:30am in the morning and a guy came over. 30 minutes was all it took to have his legs spread and receiving the best damn blow job he ever had in his life.

Mick: Tell me about something unexpected that happened when one of these guys came to visit.

Kelly: Well, here’s what happened last year on a random Saturday evening.

A 30 something year old guy that contacted me through the fake profile came over. He came over with a weed vape and it was 80%. Even though I do not smoke, I tried the vape and took a hit. At first, all I did was cough. I put on straight porn and started kissing on his face, chest, and body. I got dizzy while giving him head and the guy started blowing me saying, “No, this is how you do it.” I tried to play it off and we started blowing each other. While 69’ing, I passed out on the floor. The guy looks over and says “Dude, dude are you alright?!” My right hand started convulsing and the guy picked me up from the floor and put me onto the couch. He started talking to me and asking me questions. He ended up staying at my place on the couch completely naked and held me until I came to. When I was laying up on the couch half out of it, I kept apologizing but he did not want to hear my apology because he was worried about me and just glad I was ok. After I came to, I was able to get him off as planned.

Mick: For better and sometimes for worse, you are dedicated. I guess he was too. Has anyone ever called you their wives or girlfriend’s name?

Kelly: No.

Mick: Have you ever been confronted by any of these guys’ wives or girlfriends?

Kelly: Two wives reached out to me through emailing me. They had conversations with the fake profiles (ones where he poses as Kelly) though, not my actual profile. They confront the profiles, not the person behind them and just said they wanted to know what their husbands were up to. They wanted to bust their husbands and weren’t worried about me since their husbands were the ones lying to them.

Mick: Sounds like their wives already knew in the back of their heads what was going on. So, I’ve seen it where some “straight” men will fuck other men if they cross dress or look feminine enough. It seems to be a thing, whether it’s a fetish or a hidden desire. Have you ever dressed up for a guy? Has a guy ever asked you to? Especially since the guys are “straight” so to speak.

Kelly: Back in 90’s a straight guy hooked up with me as a drag queen after a Drag show at Pegasus that I was in. He tried to talk to the other drag queens, but they weren't having it then he came to talk to me, and I wasn't with anybody back then. I thought he was so damn hot, so I said fuck it why not. After being told to be careful from the others, I drove him to Schenley Park at the Oval. He had no idea I wasn't a woman and we got into the backseat, and he pulled my dress up. He did not care and started fucking me in the ass. An item on my bucket list crossed off.

Mick: What’s the most you usually suck dick in one sitting with a guy? Does he get off and is gone? Or do they want more?

Kelly: Depends on the guy, what gets them off, and whether we watch porn. Mostly just once but sometimes we will go round 2 even 3. Just depends on the guy. But all of them end up staying for like 20 minutes or sometimes more to just sit and talk afterwards too when they find out just how damn cool a person I TRULY am.

Mick: Do you have a lot of returning guys or what’s the percentage?

Kelly: I would say one-time guys are about 60% and returning guys make up 40%.

Mick: How do you get a straight guy from the internet to come over and hook up with you? Break that down because it is a crazy concept to me honestly. I can’t see how this ends up going so well and successfully for you.

Kelly: Depends really. If you meet through Craigslist community or the old personals section, you just share pics and then it's either a yes or no right away or just playing games back and forth via email and text. On the websites, I talk to them as the fake profile for several weeks and listen to their lines and lies to me. Then, they are so damn curious to see the videos they have to see and then they are coming over to be consenting adults.

The greatest line to this day that they have given me is "I'm not bi at all". Then I ask the ultimate question which busts 95% of them: Have you ever Dp'd (double penetration) a woman before and in the same hole? And surprising 95% of them say yes! Then I drop the bomb and say, “Ok you have Dp'd the same woman, in the same hole, and get off at the same time?” When they say yes, I say, “You are not bi, not into guys, but have no problem rubbing your dick up against another guy’s dick, and cumming at the same time in the same hole because you are so turned on by what you are doing!” The nail in the coffin is to tell them, “Well you rub cocks together, find it a turn on to do so, and cum at the same time with another guy rubbing his cock in that same hole. I’m sorry to break it to you but you got turned on by another guy’s cock rubbing against yours so much in the same hole that you came at the same time so that definitely makes you bi.” Let’s face it, no 100% straight guy would EVER rub their cocks with another man if they were 100% straight. It would repulse them to even think about doing something like that!

Mick: Yeah, double penetration has always been a little suspect to me if you were straight. Even if it is a fucked-up way to lure them in, the argument you make to them about themselves makes sense. So, what about the returning guys? How do they hide it, be discreet, and trust you all in the same sense?

Kelly: There’s a couple different ways. When it comes to Craigslist, a straight guy will call, text, or email. We set it up and most give advance notice because they are married. Some schedule based on when they have free time away from the wife or girlfriend. For example, one guy I hook up with goes to the gym where his wife works and then comes over before and even after the gym sometimes. He even came up to the gym I worked out at in Monaca, and I blew him in the parking lot several times before he went to his gym. The returning guys are usually monthly or every few weeks. I had one guy who was coming all the way from Columbus, Ohio. I'm that damn good where I was even given the nick name "The Golden Mouth".

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