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The Original Catfish Part 4

Mick: So, a lot of people will judge you based on what you are doing and how you do it specifically. How do your friends feel about this if they are aware?

Kelly: My friends are amazed and say where the fuck do you find these guys?

Mick: So, they pretty much egg you on at this point. Have you ever hooked up with somebody you knew and did not realize it until they walked through the front door?

Kelly: No, never happened.

Mick: So, do they come over and just get their dick sucked or do some take it further with you?

Kelly: 35-40% of these guys have taken it in the ass after getting their dick sucked. Others have told me, “You are too big”. A couple guys have tried anal before and it was too rough, but they appreciated me taking my time to where they actually enjoyed it more. I mean seriously why rush a good thing?! Take your time you’re both going to enjoy it more.

Mick: Has any guy ever went through it, hooked up with you, and been confused after?

Kelly: No but a lot of men have tried to say, “I guess I’m bi now.”

Mick: Interesting that it takes all of that to happen for them to come to that realization, literally. You been with plenty of men, have you ever hooked up with any women?

Kelly: No, never been with a woman. As Will & Grace pointed out in a very funny line "I'm A Platinum Gay" which means “A gay man who was born via c-section, meaning he has never touched a vagina". Others would also call me a “Gold Star Gay” which means "A gay person who has never had sex with women".

Mick: Since you have been doing this for decades at this point, what’s the most men you have fucked or messed around within a week?

Kelly: I had a full week where I fucked men every day of the week. Monday-Sunday. Had 3 last Saturday. My Profile on Adultfriendfinder has me sitting on a guy’s lap and his 10-inch dick right by his ass.

Back in the day I went to a gay bar in Beaver Falls and was sitting with a couple of friends. 2 guys who were a couple sent a buddy they came with to pick me up for a 4 way. We all went back to the couple's house. The couple were named Perry & Dale and the 3rd was named Tom. We had a foursome, and they were getting mad at each other because they wanted alone time with me. Tom passed out drunk. And Perry and Dale excused themselves then came back in to say they were going to take turns instead, with Dale going first and Perry coming in later. I slept over there for the night and the morning after Tom felt so bad that he passed out drunk that he wanted his turn. So, Tom and I fucked all morning into the afternoon with Perry & Dale watching.

Mick: What do men say to you when you talk to them after you have hooked up with them? I feel like it’s confusion and some sense of relief (literally and figuratively). But it has to be a lot of mixed feelings over this whole experience?

Kelly: Well, there’s a couple things. One that is somewhat frequent is that a couple of guys have said that their wives or girlfriends would cheat on them with black guys. It didn’t bother them, but some told me that they wanted to join in. Another thing they talk about is the girlfriend or wife would cheat on them, and then they would get caught. One guy said his wife was cheating on him for 4 years and he would cheat on her. So, that’s how they end up with me, trying to get out there and do the same thing their significant other is doing.

A funny one was this guy on Craigslist came to get fucked and his wife called while we were together. His wife called and said, “Where the hell are you at?” and they argued. He ended up leaving. One night at midnight months later, he texts and says, “What are you doing? I want to pick you up and bring you over here to fuck me.” That threw me for a loop, and I asked where his wife was at because I didn't want any trouble. He told me, “I am getting a divorce and I want my ass fucked.” He picked me up, we drove to his place, and sure enough, he got his ass fucked.

On a sadder note, most men break down to me and have said they want to kill themselves because of the marriage/relationship they are in, and how unhappy and lonely both are in the relationship. A lot of guys I hook up with have not been touched in at least 5-10 years by their wives. Most of them have low self-esteem because of them not being touched, hugged, kissed, or any of that by their wives. Many men have told me “My wife calls me ugly”, “My wife says I have a small dick”, or “My son went off to college. I did everything with him, went everywhere with him, and now my void is not filled again.” These are all things guys tell me. The one whose kid went away to college literally started to cry and I was heartbroken for him. I literally got up, told him to stand up a minute, and I just held onto him.

Mick: So, you talked about the reason you catfish, turn “straight men” out, and do what you do stems from childhood issues, self-confidence, and self-esteem issues. The look of the guy, them opening up to you, you pleasing them, does it all fulfill your self-esteem issues?

Kelly: It does not fulfill it completely. I still go on gay sites and try to reach out to guys on these sites. Many of their responses has been “Dude, you are fucking ugly don't message me again”. So, my void is not filled. It is only filled temporarily and a couple hours after the straight guys have left with a smile on their faces, the void and loneliness comes back for me.

Mick: What regrets about doing this do you have? What regrets or missed chances do you have with these men?

Kelly: Well, there are two guys, Michael, and David. I wish both of those guys would have given me a chance with my actual profile. Michael was in his late 40’s so we were around the same age. I reached out on my actual profile and was rejected. Once they met me thru the fake profile, they loved me for my personality and aura. Michael is considered pansexual and was into women’s clothing and sleeping in it. So, it wasn’t like he was completely masculine. His sexuality was fluid, but he still did not give me a chance. We had the same interests and a deeper connection, but once he found out I was both profiles, he was pissed and cut me off. He said he would always be friends with me, but he could not deal with me anymore. We texted every single day and night, but it fizzled out. He thought I was beautiful and really helped my self-esteem. I got so comfortable, and then things fizzled out. It crushed me.

I spent days with David going to amusement parks and doing activities. We texted constantly, talked on phone, he would stop by, and visit since he drove past my house all the time doing Uber Eats. After a short period of time, he thought he was being recorded (which I never did with those I cared about having something with on a long-term basis) and was paranoid. He stopped texting, calling, and reaching out to me. Stuff like that happens every now and then.

Mick: So, doing this and specifically the way you go about it has made you lose potential long lasting connections with people you were into. Since you have seen the consequences of it all, what do you get out of continuing to do this? Running the profiles, hooking up with the men, filming it, and posting it (on porn sites)?

Kelly: Well, there are hundreds of comments on the videos. I have the nickname “The Golden Mouth”. And the thing about the videos I post is that it is purposely grainy camera footage, so it is hard to identify anybody. Even watching the pornos back, hearing them cum, and hearing their sounds gets me off because they moan in ecstasy. Hearing them gets me off. Out of all those videos I posted, multiple have over 60,000 views.

About hooking up with the guys? Society puts people in boxes and it’s my job to release these guys from those boxes. That’s how I look at it.

Mick: Do you feel like this will go on for years and years like it has?

Kelly: As long as I have a sexual appetite, it will.

Mick: How many pictures, polaroids, and videos do you have total?

Kelly: I have over a couple hundred polaroids and pictures of different men. The videos started in 2002 and I probably have about 70-80 videos of me hooking up with guys. When others see them, they all have told me it's the best damn amateur porn they have seen in a long time.

Mick: Do your current or former partners know about your box of personal porn? You hooking up with random guys? Do they care about that or you hooking up with these men?

Kelly: My ex-partner knew about the box and never went into it. My current partner knows about “the box of porn”. He is a roommate at this point. He has never looked. So, with that being said, my partner passes out, the guys come over after midnight, and my partner has never figured out. I mean after all they are the ones that have told me we have to find you a buddy!

After reading all four parts of this extensive interview, you might feel a couple ways. One could be "This guy is a piece of shit no matter what he has been through". Another could be a sense of empathy and understanding of where he is coming from while still thinking he is wrong. If you are like me, you probably walked away from reading this bewildered with how he does this, how many people he has hooked up with, and his reasoning for all of this. The job of a reader is to take what you have red and draw your own conclusions. So, after reading all of this, what the fuck do you think? What conclusions have you drawn?

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